James' Private Family Tours — VIP

The trip that fits a cut above the rest!

Enjoy the scenic pleasures of this amazing island with your family, before relaxing on one of St Lucia’s most beautiful beaches.​

Addtional Information:

Included: This tour is inclusive of lunch, drinks and entrance fees.

Friendly Nanny or Caretaker (Optional): The Nanny's responsibilities are to: Overlook the chidlrens' activities, interact with and guide the children along the way, play with and offer help to the children whenever needed.

Special Requirements: Persons with any physical disabilities may choose to have a private tour with thier family members. Please email me at info@jamestouringservice.com and I will coordinate with you.


  • The tour stops at various points for views and photos.
  • The swimming location may change due to weather and sea conditions.
  • Complimentary refreshments will be served from coolers.

Tours are offered through either my (7) seater Toyota Haice or (12) seater bus. Both vehicles are air conditioned with comfortable, cushioned seats for you to have the ride of your life!

Private Family Tours Castries Market

Leaving the pier in our comfortable, air-conditioned, private vehicle, take a glimpse into the lifestyle of the islanders through the beautiful souvenires found in the Castries Market.

Continue along for breath-taking view of Morne Fortune and for fantastic photo opportunities.

We will then visit the Roseau Valley Banana Plantation, where the kids can taste the yummy, sweet, local bananas straight from the tree. But we don't stop there! You will also get to taste our delicious banana ketchup, banana barbeque sauce, banana essense and banana chips.

After enjoying these treats, we will visit the first fishing village; The Anse La Raye Fishing Village. Once there, the children will be able to meet James' special friends, the goats. The children will get the chance to feed the goats their favourite meal: banana peels.

OPTIONAL: The children can see and hold a snake; St. Lucia's Boa Constrictor, named "Friendly Patrick."

We will move on to another fishing village, The Canaries Fishing Village. At this stop, we will taste some fresh cassava bread. The cassava bread is made from a starchy root vegetable and is a very popular in the diets of the Amerindian ancestors of Saint Lucia. A ride variety of flavours are available in the cassava bread including mixes of coconut, cherries, raisin, and apple, it can even be served with saltfish.

Drive through the forest reserve on the Western side of the island; The Edmund Forest Reserve to experience nature. While driving along, one can see numerous plants such as bromeliads, orchids and lianes. You are also able to take a long distance view of the Caribbean Sea. As we continue, everyone will be afforded a magnificent view of Mt. Gimie, St. Lucia's highest peak.

Continue along a winding road near the rain forest before arriving at Soufriere. Marvel at the spectacular twin peaks as you descend into town. Continue on to Soufriere Bay where you see the Gros Piton and Petit Piton rising majestically 2,600 feet out of the sea.

Stopping in Soufriere, we will visit the warm Piton Falls. This waterfall is a natural blend of two mineral rich springs, one very hot and one very cold. Enjoy the stunning views of the Pitons and take a relaxing swim or snorkel the lovely waters of the Caribbean Sea.

Visit the Sulphur Springs, the world's only drive-in volcano and see its bubbling pools letting out puffs of steam. Stop for a warm mud bath in a hot mineral pool at the bottom of the springs (optional). This is where reality show The Bachelor was filmed.

After those activites, lunch is served at the Morne Coubaril Estate. This is St Lucia's oldest French Creole Estate. Here, St. Lucians grow cocoa, coconuts and manioc. Guides will demonstrate how the coconuts are opened and roasted and made into margarine, soaps, oil and animal feed. The cocoa is fermented, dried on racks in the sun, oiled, polished by dancing on them, crushed and then formed into chocolate sticks. Manioc roots are grated, squeezed of excess water, dried over a fire and turned into farina and tapioca pudding.

Enjoy approximately 1 hour of relaxing beach time at Jade Mountain, Anse Chastanet Beach, drinking in the beautiful photo opportunities that this beach offers.


Private Family Tours Sulphur Springs Private Family Tours Sulphur Springs