Mamiku Botanical Gardens

An unforgettable natural experience!
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Mamiku Botanical Gardens is divided into different-themed areas separated by woodland walks - Mystic Garden with the Orchids growing naturally, Secret Garden, Grandpa's Old House with all the medicinal herbs and their uses, Veronica's Garden and the Casse which is like a mini rain forest with a natural spring running through.<\/p>\r\n

Different birds may be seen – 3 different species of Humming Birds, the endangered White Breasted Thrasher, the Golden Oriole, the Black Finch and many others.<\/p>\r\n

The Gardens are part of the Mamiku Plantation. Back in the early 1700 the King of France Louis XIV granted the Baron de Micoud this piece of land and the Sugar era began. Sugar was to continue for the next 150 years or so. This period in Mamiku’s history was torn with strife and wars between the French and the English. The history is intriguing, the gardens are unique, Rum tasting and the Rum Punch are fun.<\/p>\r\n

The ruins of the Baron’s home are at present under an archeological dig and many artifacts have been discovered.<\/p>\r\n

Hikes starts off from the famous Mamiku Gardens - Up Tamarind Hill to the archeological site and follow along on part of the trail taken by the Brigands (Freedom Fighters). This leads into the interior of St. Lucia - see wonderful views of the rugged East Coast, Praslin Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. Break away from the Brigand’s trail and hike down into the valley. Hike through a Mango Grove and if weather permits swim in Mamiku River. Return back to the Gardens for a picnic lunch.<\/p>","image_path":"files\/members\/images\/069.jpg","slug":"mamiku-botanical-gardens","enabled":true,"member_order":"5","position":"An unforgettable natural experience!","created":"10th Aug 2019 8:23 am","modified":"10th Aug 2019 8:25 am"},"MemberPic":[],"MemberCategory":[]}